Email-Ku The First Anonymous Email in Indonesia

Email-Ku Providing the first anonymous messaging service in Indonesia, liberating you to communicate freely without worrying about privacy

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Integrate effortlessly with any technology stack

Seamlessly connect, adapt, and thrive, Integrate effortlessly with any technology stack, we'll help you arrive. Empower your systems, let innovation thrive

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Free, secure, and private messaging for all. No hidden fees, just open communication. Enjoy confident conversations without any cost!

Custom Domain Support

Ideal for businesses and individuals seeking a unique touch to their communication. Elevate your brand with Email-Ku!

API Integration

Streamlining communication for businesses and developers. Seamlessly incorporate Email-Ku into your systems for a more efficient messaging experience

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For freelancer

Rp. 0

  • Limited incoming inbox
  • Static Domain
  • Temporary inbox
  • Random user email


Good for small team

Rp. 120.000

  • Ad-free Experience
  • Custom 1 Domain
  • Cloud Storage Inbox
  • Easy API Integration
  • Create Up-To 100++ email
  • Anything in free plan


Good for large team

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  • Ad-free Experience
  • Custom Up-to 10++ Domain
  • Cloud Storage Inbox
  • SMTP Sender (coming soon)
  • Easy API Integration
  • Create Up-To 10K++ email
  • Anything in free plan

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